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Francis Footwork

Sat 01.06.2024 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sat 08.06.2024 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Staatstheater Darmstadt

A different kind of experience!
Workshop and VR for children between 7-11.

FRANCIS FOOTWORK is a virtual reality dance piece about the freedom of expression and individuality. The VR experience is embedded in two workshops. In this workshops the children can get familiar with the story and characters of the piece through dance exercises.
Developed by David Bolger and the CoisCéim Dance Theatre from Dublin, the format will take place for the first time at Staatstheater Darmstadt at the beginning of June.

What is it about?
When the kind-hearted King Two Lefties ascends the throne, he is persuaded by his trusted advisor Colonel Headbanger to rule the country with an iron fist. He wants to put an end to all dancing. So Francis gives him a dancing lesson he will never forget!

First day (June 1st):
Introduction to the story of Francis Footwork through simple, lively movement tasks, varied exercises and light and humorous dance activities. The children get to know the characters and the specific movement sequences of the characters.

Second day (8.6):
The focus of the second day is the VR experience. The children experience Francis Footwork with VR glasses. Afterwards they are encouraged to share and exchange ideas and react to all that they have seen and experienced supported by our professional dance facilitators.

Writer, Director & Choreographer: David Bolger
Music & Sound: Denis Clohessy
Scenography, Lighting & Projection Design: Christopher Ash
Costume Design: Maree Kearns
Make-up: Val Sherlock
ISL Interpreter: Caoimhe Coburn Gray

CAST: Cristian Enmanuel Dirocie, Stephanie Dufresne, Ivonne Kalter and Jonathan Mitchell

Production Manager: Eamon Fox
Stage Manager: Stephanie Ryan
Chief LX: Eoin Winning
Sound Engineer: Michael Stapleton
AV Engineer: Laura Rainsford

Props: Dylan Farrell
Costume Supervisor: Nicola Burke
Costume Design Assistant: Pai Treeratt
Prop Construction: Craig Starkie
Photography: Hugo Glendinning, Ros Kavanagh
Graphic Design: Alphabet Soup