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Tanzplattoform is continually working to add to and improve our accessibility. To do this, we rely on feedback. We welcome your comments, suggestions and wishes. Feel free to send them to Lea Gockel barrierefreiheit@mousonturm.de. We welcome your questions and suggestions!


Relaxed Performance
Selected performances take place as Relaxed Performance. Relaxed Performances are for those who feel more comfortable in a loosened up and sensory relaxed atmosphere. Those who wish may come and go during the show. Silence is not mandatory. Those who need a break may retire to the foyer.


Early Boarding
We offer early boarding for various performances. For those who require specific seating due to mobility limitations or other visible or non-visible disabilities, early boarding allows you to come early to select a suitable seat. Currently, admission for all performances starts 30 minutes prior to show time and seating is free. Beanbag and wheelchair seating is available.


Audio description for blind and visually impaired people
For selected performances, we offer audio descriptions and a preceding guided tour of the stage - a so-called Touch Tour - to make the performance accessible for blind and visually impaired people. The stage space is explored, props and costumes are described. The performers introduce themselves and describe themselves. Audio description via wireless headphones during the performance describes what is happening on stage. This gives blind people and people with visual impairments access to the visual elements of a play: movement, gestures, facial expressions, stage design, costumes and props, among other things, are described.


German Sign Language (DGS) Translation for Deaf and Deaf People
We offer German Sign Language translation for selected performances. For people who would like to take advantage of this service, we recommend that you attend Early Boarding to ensure that you have a suitable seat with an unobstructed view.