(c) Jörg Baumann
(c) Jörg Baumann

Choreographic Workshop

3 Questions to Anna Wagner & Bruno Heynderickx, Curators of the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main

Why are you offering the format of a choreographic workshop?

Bruno: The format is directed at young choreographers who are just starting to develop pieces themselves, but also at artists who have already choreographed their own pieces and are now working on something new. It allows them to potentially show parts of their still unfinished works to an audience.
Anna: We think it is productive to show different stages of work to an audience and to share them with other people. On the one hand, artists get early feedback and on the other hand, the choreographic workshop creates an atmosphere, in which the presenting artists can also engage in conversation with each other.

What will the process of the choreographic workshop be like?

Bruno: We ask applicants to send a short description about the project that they are working on. We will then select and invite three artists to show a 15-20 minute excerpt of their work on one of the stages in Darmstadt, Wiesbaden or Frankfurt. After each presentation, we will moderate a discussion between the artists and the audience about what they have just seen.

How does this benefit choreographers? Why should I apply?

Anna: It’s a chance to present your work at an early stage in the process, take time to think about its effect on spectators and to reflect on potential target audiences. Choreographers are often very isolated in the studio and only get feedback from close colleagues. This format invites artists to come out of their “shell” and present their ideas in a safe space. The workshop is also a great opportunity to get in touch with the team of the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main. For us, it is an exciting chance to get to know the region’s many diverse forms of artistic expression and to enter into dialogue for the first time with various dance professionals living here.