Residencies in Darmstadt and Wiesbaden

The Hessische Staatsballett invites several teams per season to develop choreographic projects on site in Darmstadt in a workshop atmosphere as part of the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main. The emphasis lies on openness and originality. Residents are given as few parameters as possible so as to allow for a wide range of output. First results are shown in open rehearsals or as “work-in-progress” performances. The presentation formats should thereby deliberately play with conventions and access new spaces.

© Yang Caic-heng

Lee & Vakulya | Burnt

Residence in Darmstadt | 24.5.-13.6.2021

Burnt (working title), it connects the pursuit of physical essence, and desires to condense in the moment, which is the consensus of the cooperation and creation along the way with lee/vakulya. The base of the creation is our desire for dance and performance. To reach that, we inspire from the burnout syndrome developed in an individual and how it affects her surrounding, to focus on the state of mind and the body of a burned-out human being, and in our case, a three performer mini-society.

Work-in-Progress Showing
9.6.2021 | 7 p.m. – digital
Tickets not on sale yet

Workshop with Lee & Vakulaya | Wei Wei – Gaga/People

Gaga/people classes offer a framework for users to connect to their bodies and imaginations, experience physical sensations, improve their flexibility and stamina, exercise their agility and explosive power, and enjoy the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere.
Throughout the class, participants are guided by a series of evocative instructions deployed to increase awareness of and further amplify sensation, rather than turning from one prompt to another, information is layered, building into a multisensory, physically challenging experience.

10.6.2021 | 6:30–8:30 p.m. – digital
The workshop is aimed at amateur dancers and semi-professional dancers aged 14 and over.

© Fouad Boussouf

Massala Company | OUM

The Moroccan-French choreographer Fouad Boussouf’s latest work by his Massala Dance Company, whose work featured Näss during the Rhein-Main 2018 Dance Festival, re-examines the synthesis of traditional North African and Arabic art and culture and hip-hop. Based on the great Arabian divas such as Oum Kalthoum, Ismahan and Leila Mourad, he uses his dancers to investigate how hip-hop, as a cultural “foreign body”, overwrites memories musically, physically and socially, thus making physical limitations superfluous in conjunction with traditions. / Darmstadt 2020

© Philippe Weissbrodt

Compagnie Philippe Saire | Cut

In Switzerland, choreographer Philippe Saire is considered a key protagonist of the contemporary dance scene. In 1996, he founded his own company. During a residency, the ensemble worked on their new production “Cut”, shown in February 2017 in Darmstadt. A “work in progress” showing was presented September 2016 at the Staatstheater Darmstadt.

Tanzfestival R-M Waldmann Gute Pässe... ©Andreas J. Etter
© Andreas J. Etter

Helena Waldmann | Good Passports Bad Passports

Helena Waldmann is known for producing work that is strongly authentic and haunting. Recently demonstrated e.g. by her performance of “Made in Bangladesh” in the 2014/15 season at the Staatstheater Darmstadt. During a residency, this globetrotter in all matters of dance, continued work on her project “Good Passports Bad Passports” and presented her initial findings in form of a “work in progress”.

No Body but Me (CooconDance)
© Sven-Helge Czichy

CocoonDance | No Body But Me

During the residency CocoonDance company worked on their piece “No Body But Me” that makes us aware of how different media can affect our perceptions of the body by transferring cinematic effects onto the dancers’ bodies.

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