Pinsker und Bernhardt: Heute mobben wir die Birds
© Jörg Baumann

Janna Pinsker &
Wicki Bernhardt

Janna Pinsker und Wicki Bernhardt work as a performance duo in Frankfurt and Berlin. They studied Choreography and Performance or rather Applied Theatre studies in Gießen. Previously Wicki Bernhardt studied Musik und Bewegung at the UdK Berlin, Janna Pinsker studied Sociology und Documentary Film at the University of Chicago.

One focus of their work is to expand the canon for young audiences with unusual formats such as lecture performances, durational performances or non-narrative approaches. As a continuation of their work on “Heute mobben wir die Birds” at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, they will be working in a seven-month residency on the theatre as a breeding ground for the desire for non-understanding.

Heute mobben wir die Birds

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