Prof. Thorsten Greiner

360-Degree Films & Ballet

360-degree films are increasingly being used in social media, such as YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo to communicate a wide range of content. The art community has also discovered this new medium for itself, In 360-degree films, viewers can experience a new kind of immersion, by independently listening and looking around within the film. 360-degree films, like other virtual realities, produce new possibilities and challenges in dramaturgy, visual language and auditory narrative structure: e.g. the user’s attention has to be guided both auditorily as well as visually.

In our outreach residency from March 2018 on, Prof. Thorsten Greiner will examine the way in which 360-degree films can be used to provide an audience with insights into the background and creation of a ballet piece. He will also explore what contents are really suited for this media, without disturbing the safe space of the rehearsal process.

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