re-dance platform

15.2.-28.3.2021 | Frankfurt

The current project of re-dance platform is in collaboration with dance artists and mothers Judith Nagel, Patscharaporn Krüger-Distakul and Allison Brown and dancer and researcher Katelyn Skelley. The work investigates how the embodiments of motherhood and dance inform each other through movement practice and creation. With the working title, “Positioning the ‘I’ between dancing and parenting: restructuring professional identity through practice, reflection and creation,” this project opens up space to explore how the artists hold the coexistence of being both professional dancers and mothers. The process includes layering insight from personal interviews, various texts and discussions which directly inform movement research. Culminating in a short film, this work explores the embodiments of caring; the conversation between fluid bodies; the present state of stillness; absorption within the act of positioning oneself and the challenge of exchange between listening to the inside and outside.

re-dance platform was initiated by Patscharaporn Krüger-Distakul and Katelyn Skelley to give dance artists with families who reside in and around Frankfurt an opportunity to build a network for exchange and collective solutions. We believe that the knowledge gained from a life of dance and parenting does not have to be separate but can be a valuable contribution towards artistic growth.

Katelyn Skelley received her BA in dance from New York University. She freelanced in New York and Minnesota as a dancer, teacher and choreographic assistant. Most recently, she was a dancer at the Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern, presented research at ImPulsTanz Vienna, and completed her MA in Contemporary Dance Education at the University of Music and Performing Arts. Her last research work was on the topic of motherhood and dance.

Patscharaporn Distakul studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (NL). In internship she worked with Nina Vallon in Frankfurt and for Tanz Luzerner Theater, in Switzerland. After graduation she danced for the companies Ballet Preljocaj, France, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, Italy and the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, as well as for independent projects in Switzerland, France and Germany.

Judith Nagel studied contemporary dance at the Hogeschool voor de kunsten ArtEZ in Arnhem (NL). After her time as a dancer with Compagnia Zappalà Danza in Sicily, Nagel worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer for theater and film. Since then she has worked with Christoph Winkler, Canan Erek, Sita Ostheimer and Modjgan Hashemian, among others.

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