Dance Club 25+

Contemporary dance for women and men over 25 years

You can dance at any age: contemporary dance with its different approaches and expressions particularly provides good conditions to connect to the respective movement skills of the participants.

Different approaches to movement are explored to expand the individual spectrum of movement and expression. It is important that movement is not imitated but experienced. The work with tension / relaxation, impulse, contact, dynamics, rhythm and perception of space form the main focus of the course.

No previous knowledge required. Please bring comfortable training clothes and socks!

© Jörg Baumann

Petra Lehr received her education in Germany and the USA (including Leonard Pitt School of Mime and Masktheater, Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center). From the very beginning, she concerned herself with the equal interaction of dance, theater and music. She continued her education in Physical Theater with Matt Mittler (New York). She has been influenced by her many years of musical collaboration with the singer and interpreter of New Music Christina Ascher (New York). After several solo works and works with musicians and visual artists, she founded the Co.Lab.TanzTheater in Frankfurt in 1993, with which she has already worked on 18 productions. She teaches contemporary dance and dance theater, lectures at various universities, leads projects in schools and is active in teacher training. She has also been a Pilate coach since 2006 and in 2012 received the dance medicine certificate.

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