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Dance Medical Consultation

The Tanzplattform Rhein-Main now offers to dancers of all fields what many professional athletes take for granted – medical and therapeutic support throughout their entire active career. The early morning consultation sessions take place on a regular basis and provide 30-minute one-on-one advice on: the prevention of dance injuries, rehabilitation and returning to the studio and the stage after having sustained a dance injury, analysis of dance technique and technique coaching, information on alternative training methods, a “dance medicine check-up”, as well as guidance and supervision in the field of dance medicine. Own contribution: € 15,-

30-Minute Individual Appointments | Supervised by Prof. Dr. med. Benita Kuni

Appointments in 2021 are not certain yet. As soon as the appointments are certain, these are announced here, as well as on our social media (Facebook, Instagram) and by our newsletter.

Prof. Dr. med. Benita Kuni

Medical specialist for orthopedics and accident surgery, Manual medicine/chirotherapy, acupuncture, special pain therapy

After a further education grant in Montpellier (EPSEDANSE) and a study course with Rosas (Brussels), Benita Kuni worked as a professional dancer with the Compagnie L’Esquisse (Bouvier/Obadia) and at the CCNRB (Diverrès), among others. She is a state-certified dance teacher (D.E. Paris) and a dance researcher (Licence, Maîtrise and D.E.A., Paris). After studying medicine in Heidelberg and Paris, receiving a license to practice medicine and a PhD on the subject of dancers’ ankle joints, she worked at the University Clinic of Heidelberg for 10 years. She now offers her services to dancers of all styles at the Ortho-Zentrum Karlsruhe; she also advises the TSC Grün-Gold Heidelberg. She is a member of tamed and IADMS.

Questions for Prof. Dr. med. Benita Kuni

As a professional dancer, is it more reasonable to seek dance medical consultation if I have an existing health problem, or is it better to make an appointment as a preventive measure?

_Both! It is good to come to a consultation as a preventive measure, so that we can evaluate your physical condition and current training together and discuss any possible additional options.
However, in the case of dance-related complaints, consultation can also, of course, help you find out whether you need any specific, additional exams (e.g. imaging) or whether it is enough to make certain changes in your training program in order to fully recover._

What happens during the half-hour consultation?

First of all, we take time to discuss the reasons for your visit in detail: your previous medical history, your current training program and any existing problems that you may be having. Then we look more closely at what movements and parts of your body are involved when problems arise. We will try some exercises together that can serve to prevent or reduce problems. Finally, there is the chance to ask more questions. Consultation may vary individually depending on the problems or questions being addressed.

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