Sebastian Weber Dance Company


Touch is humanity’s most primal language, less and less of which is nowadays used in everyday life … not only since Corona. In tap dancing, touch does not actually occur at all. It is for this reason that Sebastian Weber created TOUCH – to explore the effect and language of touch in a subtle duet that expands the stylistic boundaries of contemporary tap dancing. On 36 square meters of white sand, we see and hear a barefoot danced pas de deux of the “Step”, in which a pair of dancers emerge from intertwined silence to slowly, then more and more playfully and confidently, engage in a whirl of intimacy and separation.

Fri. 11.9. + Sat. 12.9.2020 | 8 p.m.
Staatstheater Darmstadt, Kammerspiele
Tickets: Fri. 11.9. | Sat 12.9.

A dance workshop with Sebastian Weber is taking place for TOUCH.

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