Being Close at a Distance – contact-free collaborative work processes in dance outreach

with Graham Smith dancer, choreographer (Freiburg)

Fri 29 January, 2021 | 5.30–7.30 pm

The on-going prevailing situation calls for rethinking dance outreach formats rather than making do with temporary hiatuses and interim solutions. In order to joyfully engage in a process of rethinking this work, the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main invites Graham Smith to provide insights into his wealth of experience and thoughts. The focus will lie on gathering inspiration about ways to continue shaping collective processes of dance outreach, at a distance. For this, we invite you to join us digitally and share ideas with each other after Graham Smith’s keynote.

in German
Digital via zoom
Moderated by: Leander Ripchinsky & Nira Priore Nouak
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