Moove On!

Seeking dance teachers and dancers in the Rhein-Mainregion

Moove On! is a collaboration between the Crespo Foundation and the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main to support dance teachers interested in working with children by initiating weekly dance sessions with Kindergartens.The goal is to connect dance teachersand dancers from the Rhein-Main area with kindergartens, day-care centers and after-school programs, and get them moving!
One unique aspect of Moove On! is the opportunity to teach dance to children in a supported, visible and contemporary setting. In addition, the project provides a structure for reflection on one’s practice, exchange of methods, and expanding one’s network.

Time frame
First Phase: June-July 2021 (accomplished)
Second Phase: September-Dezember 2021

Contact persons
Ekaterine Giorgadze & Jason Jacobs

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