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The running times of the projects periods are adapted to the possibilities and programmes offered at the schools and determined in agreement with the dance artists. Usually there is a weekly dance class of 2 hours. Other projects have classes that run 3-4 hours or that integrate entire project weeks. The overall length of a project with one group is usually at least 3 months from beginning to end. Ideally, the working period spans half of a school year.


The projects teach students in an age and development appropriate fashion:

  • rehearsal and performance methods
  • goals, humanistic concepts and motivations,
  • forms of movements in dance
  • contemporary dance techniques


The aim of the projects is to develop small dance performances that are also subsequently performed. Small theatres, school auditoriums or gyms are selected for this purpose. A large public performance is possible, but does not always make sense. The most suitable form of presentation is worked out together with the pupils. We have had good experiences with the following formats:

  • presentation for one or two select parallel classes
  • Workshop presentation, during which the students demonstrate select elements of the course
  • video presentation/ video documentation
  • exhibition
  • presentation only for parents and school teaching staff


Tanzplattform Rhein-Main emphasise networking and cooperation between all representative groups, who are directly and indirectly associated with Dance in Schools or will do so in the near future. In order for the individual project participants to be able to learn and profit from one another, we strive towards exchange on a broad basis, e.g. through mutual presentation, direct student exchange, workshops, shared recitals of different projects, namely:

  • project leader meetings
  • project leader coachings
  • Dance-in-Schools-Day (Tanzplattform Rhein-Main)
  • team meetings with school directors, teachers, project head of Tanzplattform Rhein-Main and the dance artists
  • 2-day Intensive-Workshop “einfädeln – how to start a dance in schools project” for potential project leaders of school projects
  • the vocational training programme Kunst Rhein-Main

The resulting network serves to broadly and diversely constitute dance as a firm component of art, pedagogy and cultural practice in schools.

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