You can register your dance courses for the Tanztag Rhein-Main 2019 between Feb. 14. and May 1. All information on participation can be found here.

Sat. Nov 16, 2019

Tanztag Rhein-Main

The Tanztag event in the Rhine-Main area is one-of-a-kind in Germany. For one entire day, institutions across the region offer trial classes in every dance style from classical ballet and contemporary dance to historical folk dancing and flamenco, hip-hop and swing. This single day not only illustrates the astounding diversity of dance in the region, but also allows everyone and anyone to experience and (re)discover this singular art form and the many different dance styles available.

© Jörg Baumann

Tanzfest Finale

Every year, a big dance party at the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm is the grand conclusion of the Tanztag. Under the headline of trying new things and making new discoveries, on this evening the point is also to celebrate the seemingly endless diversity of dance together in a relaxed atmosphere. After a short introduction, a maximum of dance forms and styles will be tried out or used as a point of departure for everyone’s own movement ideas.

© Jörg Baumann

It’s just a great way to get to know new dance styles and teachers, to dip in the great toe and – above all! – to get the desire to want ‘more’ […]
A course participant

© Jörg Baumann

A succesful day! The Tanzfest in the Union Halle was especially great, such a wonderful idea to let the course leaders instruct short choreographies. It has been a long time since I have experienced such a great sense of community and joy on a party
A Tanzfest participant

© Jörg Baumann

I didn‘t know that even daddies and Grandpas can dance ‘Bollywood’. But here the grandchildren seemed to be the motivating factor. I would very much like to participate again next year. The most important thing on such a day is, that people who don’t have the financial capabilities are also enabled to enjoy so many different dance styles and that families can experience dance together.
A course leader

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