Workshops 2017: „Moving body perspectives“

Tanzplattform Rhein-Main is offering several workshops throughout the year 2017. The different approaches aim to help enhance awareness and support professional development through discovering, exploring and experiencing movement. The workshops provide access to alternatives perspectives on movement analysis and its embodiment. The workshop series “Moving Body Perspectives“ aims to facilitate and deepen understanding by serving as a basis to (re)connect, embody and rethink movement and personal development.

Contemporary dance methodology has many somatic influences – often we only realize this when we deepen our knowledge in a specific method. Many different approaches and techniques have been developed by professionals based on their own specific physical needs, as well as their years of dancing and teaching experience.

In this sense, „Moving Body Perspectives“ offers multiple opportunities to try out various techniques and methods that can greatly contribute to improving daily training, physical awareness, artistic practice, and general quality of life. The workshops can also serve as a good starting point to delve deeper into one of more of the different methods being offered, thus opening up new perspectives on various aspects of one’s own professional practice.

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