Foto: Nils Schwarz

Foto: Chat GTP/Maria Kobzeva

Foto: R. Fischenich

Choreographic Workshop

Thu 18.04.2024 | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Staatstheater Wiesbaden - Wartburg

On April 18, four selected artists will present excerpts from their current works in the Wartburg of the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden and give an exclusive insight into their working methods and approaches. In the subsequent discussion, questions can be asked, impressions exchanged and content discussed.


Maybe we'll see | Kobzeva & Domnick

This work is inspired by the increasingly digital life and how it affects us. I was struggling with the fact that I kept trying to detach myself from the various devices, media and information streams as it was starting to affect my wellbeing. I decided to explore the feeling of being pulled in different directions, between constantly deciding and making choices. On the one hand and being sucked into the systems and following what is offered by the algorithm on the other.

By and with: Maria Kobzeva, Sandra Domnick


Touch (WT) | Marion Plantey / Wamma Dance Company

Marion Plantey and dancer Rouven Pabst are fascinated by the concept of the embrace and present a duet exploring extended hugs. This investigation looks at the intricate dynamics of prolonged embraces and explores the evolving emotions and physicality. Beyond mere movement, the work questions the effects of unnaturally extended contact and aims to redefine intimacy and evoke honesty in an extended embrace. This work is part of Marion's wider research into trauma-sensitive and gentle exploration of physical contact.

By and with: Marion Plantey, Rouven Pabst


COCONUT x THE NEW WHITE AESTHETIC | kemelo nozipho sehlapelo

COCONUT is an exploration, investigation and confrontation of and with the diaspora (diasporic dances). The performers deal with contemporary notions of blackness and whiteness and the surrealism of having to fluctuate between the two. Based on the performers' different personal body archives, different experiences of being Afro come together in dances, texts and songs and create a world of hybridity. In this hybridity, a kind of Afro-surrealism emerges and the performance becomes an attempt to reconcile the past with the present.


Populism | Matthew Tusa

In my new dance piece, I take a critical look at the phenomenon of populism and how it is increasingly gaining a foothold in the center of society. How it appeals to our sense of security and our desire to change the world. How people are seduced by the simplicity of populism, by the intense emotions behind these movements.
Not only that, but also the body language and rhetoric of populists are physically brought to life in this dance piece.
Populism: a game of strength, power and influence - an ancient, performative dance.
By and with: Matthew Tusa, Franca Bürkel, Ioulia Kokkokiou, Paige Perry, Anton Rudakov, Maleen Weber