Choreografische Werkstatt – digital

Co-Op Dance Company | Max Levy | Mounir Saeed | Katelyn Skelley

Die Choreografische Werkstatt bietet lokalen und regionalen Tanzschaffenden die Gelegenheit, Work- in-Progress- oder Rechercheprojekte zu präsentieren, einen Einblick in aktuelle Fragestellungen und ihre Arbeitsweisen zu geben und in einem anschließenden Gespräch zur Diskussion zu stellen.
In der digitalen Version am 11. Mai werden vier Arbeiten gezeigt. Im anschließenden Gespräch besteht für die Künstler*innen und das Publikum die Möglichkeit, Fragestellungen zu diskutieren, Bezüge herzustellen oder Anregungen für die weitere Entwicklung zu geben.

11.5.2020 | 19:30 Uhr
Digital via Zoom-Meeting:
Meeting-ID: 942 4834 7706
Diskussion auf Englisch

Articulate-Mute Bodies (working title)

Katelyn Skelley

This research in process questions the embodied culture of silence within the context of European dance education. Material is pulled directly from utterances, silences, sounds and whispers gathered and inventoried during the Biennale Tanzausbildung 2020, as well as written sources. A chaotic organization of voice and movement approaches a better understanding of the possible impact and agential potential of their dynamic relationship.

Katelyn Skelley is a dancer and educator. After graduating with a BFA from New York University (2006), Katelyn freelanced between modern dance, contemporary ballet and gaga based movement working with Kyle Abraham, Cherylyn Lavagnino and Gallim Dance in New York. Craving something more consistent she joined TU Dance (St. Paul, MN) as a company member (2009-2016) working as a performer, choreographic assistant, rehearsal director and teacher within the organization. To find new ways of approaching, she began exploring physical theater, voice work and somatic practices. Her work continues to be strongly influenced by these mediums and how they can dance. She was most recently an artist in residence at Atalaia Artes Performativas in Portugal, a dancer at the Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern and completed the master’s program in Contemporary Dance Education (MA CoDE) at HfMDK.

Chaotic Tempo

Mounir Saeed

About merging between the body movements with the sound/breathing rythem/hymns. The sound will be the engine of the movement. The idea is to create new joints in our bodies, by our voices, unlimiting the thoughts of the body by increasing the value of the harmony between dance and singing, dynamics and tempo, moving and breathing. Also, the plan is not about systemize the movement with the voice, bring the beauty of the harmony from “organized chaos” between the body and the sound. The aim is to bring and pick the harmony/the balance between body and voice from a chaotic tempo.

Mounir Saeed is a dancer, choreographer, musician and a dance teacher. Born in 1987 and lives in Cairo, Egypt. Saeed Participated in a 4 year dance education program called Cairo Contemporary Dance Workshop Program (CCDWP). During the program, Saeed got the prize of excellence from Cairo Opera House in 2009 for his 1st solo (The Game). Before dance, He had been a football goal keeper for 6 years. He participated in tours in Germay, Italy, Lebanon, Dubai, Morocco, USA and Spain from 2016 till 2019 after winning the 3rd prize of performance with his solo (What about Dante) in the 20th international solo dance theater festival in Stuttgart in 2016. He was a dance teacher in the National Dance and Music Academy in Rome in the period between 2016 and 2017. He Participated in local and international festivals such as: D-CAF (Cairo/Egypt), Danza in RETE (Vicenza/Italy), Begrade Summer Festival (Belgrade/Serbia), OnMarche (Marrackesh/Morocco), Hivernales D’Avignon (Avignon/France), Acker Stadt Palast (Berlin/Germany) and MAPAS (Tenerife/Spain). He was supported by the Brisith Council in Cairo to create his collective dance performance (Prophecy/Submission) in 2013.

The Narrows

Max Levy

These days, I feel a certain claustrophobia whether I’m inside or outside, escaping from one form of pressure to another. I feel I’m walking a tightrope of sanity doing what I do: to choose to make art and dance for this one lifetime I will get. It feels like an alleyway with no room to move, yet simultaneously an oppressive openness where I don’t know where to begin.

This experiment was to see if I could capture that scratching paranoia of these tentative times into movement; then to capture that movement to film. This is my first film work, and I wanted to push as far as I could to creating something specifically for this medium.

Born in Tokyo, Max Levy completed his training at the prestigious San Francisco Ballet, under the direction of Jean-Yves Esquerre. As a dancer, he was engaged with American Repertory Ballet and Charlotte Ballet, and as a soloist with Staatsballett Nürnberg, under direction of Goyo Montero. He has danced numerous roles by prominent choreographers including Crystal Pite, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Mats Ek, Ohad Naharin, Christian Spuck, Cayetano Soto, Goyo Montero, and Jeroen Verbruggen, among others. He was selected in 2015 as “Most Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer” by Dance Europe.
His choreography has been performed in evenings with the Staatsballett Nürnberg,Performing Arts Festival Berlin, the Freier Tanz im Delta Festival in Mannheim, as well as withdancers of Staatsballett Berlin. He was selected for the inaugural ChoreoLab – Made in UlmResidency in 2019, and his works have been finalists at the32nd International ChoreographyCompetition Hannover, Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition,SOLOCOREOGRAFICO,andGdansk Dance Festival. His full-evening work Meditations openedto sold-out evenings at ACUD Theater in Berlin. He now works as an international freelance dancerand choreographer based in Germany, bringing a meditative approach to athletic, movement-drivenworks in a world of detached fantasy

Co-Op Dance Company

We are working on the coexistence of the three-dimensional and the two-dimensional of objects and bodies, created by the projection of shadows. This results in a distortion of the original object, which can be identified by several parameters. Does this also lead to a change in physicality and thereby our usual behaviour? What could communication between or within these parallel worlds look like?

Laurin Thomas and Ida Kaufmann studied at the University for Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt am Main. During their studies they developed several pieces and interdisciplinary collaborations with dancers, musicians and actors.
In 2019 they continued working together in a collective under the name “Co-Op Dance Company”, based in Frankfurt. Some of their latest works include one whole thing (2019), Farce (2020), BlauRaum – Luminale (2020) and the dance festival ZUKUNFT TANZT – Abend der jungen Choreografie (2019/20).
Their works are presented in and around Hessia.

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